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Only permanent or seasonal Florida residents with a qualifying medical condition diagnosed by a physician may purchase medical marijuana.  Please visit the state’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) website for steps on becoming a patient.

Of course! Our dispensary team members are happy to guide you through our products and delivery formats to build a recommendation for your specific needs.

You will need your active Medical Marijuana Use Registry (MMUR) Card as well as a government-issued ID (such as a driver’s license). This is done to fully validate your identity in the state MMUR system and protect your prescribed allotment from any fraud.

Yes. You can assign a caregiver in the state MMUR system. Your caregiver will need to bring their MMUR Card and government-issued ID to validate their caregiver status in the registry portal.  Visit the state’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) website for more information on caregivers.

We currently offer only in-store shopping but plan to have online orders for pick-up as an option soon!

There is no order minimum for in-store pickup and shopping.

Only service animals are permitted in Jungle Boys’ Dispensaries. Service animals are limited to dogs trained to assist persons with disabilities, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Service animals must remain under the control of the owner, including on a leash, at all times when in Jungle Boys’ Dispensaries. If the service animal is behaving in an uncontrolled manner, including, but not limited to, excessive barking, growling at dispensary staff or patients, or is not housebroken, Jungle Boys’ reserves the right to request the service animal be removed from the premises. The owner assumes all liability for their service animal while on company property.

We offer third-party authentication for all of our products through Cannverify  so you can always shop with 100% confidence.  And, it’s easy! Just enter the product serial code, or scratch the QR code and scan.

We accept cash and debit, or cashless, ATM payments at the register. A stand-alone ATM is also located in the store for your convenience.

When you use your debit card for payment, the total amount due is automatically rounded up to the nearest $5 increment. Any overage is provided to you as exact change. For example, if your total is $18, you will be debited $20 from your bank account and given $2 in change. On your bank statement, the posted transaction will say “ATM Debit” including the store name and location. There is a small convenience fee, but it’s cheaper than the ATM machine!

Nope! As a doctor prescribed medication, medical cannabis has a 0% tax rate to the patient in the state of Florida.

Returns and exchanges are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please speak with a store manager for any questions or concerns with your product. We are happy to make it right!

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